A Gay Man’s Journey to Self-Acceptance, Love, and Relationship

Joseph Michael Gentilini


In this heart-warming and insightful memoir, a Catholic man shares his faith-filled gay journey. HOUNDED BY GOD is a moving account of one man and his struggle to reconcile his faith and his sexuality.

Gentilini recognizes the role of faith in his life, which provides meaning to his personal identity. He also believes his faith does not conflict with his intimate needs and desires. Through his memoir, Gentilini calls on readers to understand how Catholic homosexuals manage their conflicting religious and sexual identities.

HOUNDED BY GOD offers readers a deeper look into gay spirituality through the extraordinary life of the author.


I was born in 1948 and grew up believing that being gay was a sin against God and that I was not accepted by God. This thought threw me into a panic because I wanted to be holy and yet ‘knew’ that I could not. In the mid-70s, I began to document my fears and desires by journal writing. This writing resulted from my drive to give flesh to my insides. Writing became a vehicle for me to touch others, myself, and God. Writing was and is a must for me.

By my painful journey over many years, I learned instead that I could only become holy as a gay man, and this included being in relationship with my spouse Leo and with God. God hounded me to accept this truth. Today I can thank God for Leo’s life in mine and mine in his, and God’s in ours.


“This debut memoir, based on 45 years of journal entries and other material, tells the story of a man finding his way as a gay Catholic and learning to accept God’s love … A searching memoir and a useful cultural document of changes in gay life over many years.”

– Kirkus Reviews


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